Online Retail Case Studies

Please see below for details of a number of companies that have benefited from the Proven IT free online retail website service.  Click on any of the images or text links to view the site in more detail.

MakeUpUk_Graphic was a new brand site developed by Proven IT to offer an online shopping portal for a number of cosmetics brands.

The brands supported by this site had no prior internet sales presence, and have seen their online sales grow year on year by around 35%.

This site was cash flow positive from day one, and now lists over 500 products priced from only 99p with most products costing less than 3, with global shipping capabilities. supports the Laura Paige complete cosmetics range, and offers wholesale cosmetics contacts, a store locator & retail make up sales via links to  The Laura Paige range has been available in the UK for over 20 years with products being sold in over 1,400 outlets.  Proven IT enabled the Laura Paige manufacturer to offer their products online with no cost or risk to themselves. is an example of an online retail site dedicated to a single product.  A very focused and information rich site to support the TravelWise anti-DVT travel/flight socks.  Proven IT had this site fully operational with 7 days of agreement with the UK manufacturer. was initially designed to support the wholesale cosmetics sales for the UK distributor, and has now gone on to support the online retail activity for the brand.  Proven IT  have also been instrumental in the UK launch of this new brand from Australia, with online web promotions, email campaigns and UK press release distribution.
JonesVillas_co_uk_thumbnail with instant online reservations and holiday rentals bookings with credit & debit card payments.

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