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ProvenIT.co.uk provides proven IT solutions to SME, retail & corporates in both the public and private sectors.

With almost 30 years of industry experience, our innovative solutions include key specialities of telephony solutions and fully managed eCommerce facilities.

Vibsolas Gea

Our experience has shown that most companies & many individuals are able to see at least one valuable use for a Vibsolas Gea alarm/alert system.

New to the UK, designed & developed in Finland, this innVibsolas Geaovative product can operate as a standalone alarm/alert system, but its capabilities are taken to a whole new level when used in conjunction with a GSM SIM card to provide alerts to anyone anywhere via text messaging and app updates.

Click here to find out more and see videos of the Gea in action.

About Vibsolas

Vibsolas Ltd is a Finnish high tech company with a mission to transform technology into innovative  products with excellent usability. They offer a range of mobile and versatile safety and monitoring devices, which make your daily life more relaxed and carefree. All the products are simple to setup and easy to use. With their multi-sensing technology you can use the same sensor to monitor anything from a door to a motorcycle.

Telephone Numbering Service

Offering virtual "cloud based" telephone call routing options at the the network level.  This is a low cost service that could benefit most organisations with improved customer call handling.  Click here for more details.

Free online shop facility

Our unique e-Commerce solution is based upon us designing, implementing and the ongoing promotion and administration of a companies web sales operation.  This facility is generally offered free of charge, on the basis of a revenue split from the web based income.  In essence we allow companies the opportunity to outsource the complete web sales function on a shared risk/reward basis.

Many companies are now finding that building and launching a website is not enough to compete in this increasingly more competitive space.  Most web builders and hosts are only interested in the reactive ongoing management of paid for services, as they donít stand to gain from increasing your sales success.  We effectively, act as a commission only store manager for what should be seen as a key growth area for your business.

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